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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Donaire TKOs Montiel, bags bantamweight crowns

     MANILA, Philippines (2nd UPDATE) – Filipino bantamweight boxer Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire proved himself relentless after dethroning Mexican opponent Ferdinand Montiel in their headliner fight at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, Saturday night (Sunday morning in Manila).


    In a quick match, Donaire stopped Montiel via a technical knockout (KO) in the second round.

    In the first round, Montiel showed that he has experience and skills in the division by consistently evading Donaire's attacks.

   Donaire kept being aggressive but his punches failed to land on Montiel. In the second round, Donaire then played it down by accepting Montiel's attacks. The Filipino played with his improved defense and evaded the countering Montiel.

   A minute before the round concluded, an energetic Donaire then powered a left hook to Montiel's face knocking him down to victory. With the win, the 28-year-old bagged the World Boxing Council and World Boxing Organization bantamweight crowns.

   Donaire now ups his record to 26-1 with 18 KOs. Montiel, on the other hand, falls at 44-3-2.
Montiel cannot make the post-fight press conference as he was sent to the hospital. According to a tweet by Top Rank promotions, Montiel "was sent to the hospital to be checked due to the way he was knocked out."

Congratulations! Auraine



    Just pass 5:00 in the afternoon of this day, Saturday (February 19, 2011) like any other hopefuls, Auraine V. Quintos was so excited even at the tremors of her nervousness to check the result of the December 2010 Nursing Board Exam. She was so excited to open the website to see if her name is listed on those examinees who passed the said board exam. And it was a great day for her, because she got the spot.

    Auraine was a graduate of Western Mindanao State Univeristy in Zamboanga City. She just finished her degree last 2010. I know this lady for almost 5 years already because she is the long-time girlfriend of my brother. This lady is so dead serious about her studies, I remember one time that during her Highschool days, when she graduated with Honors. Not just that this lady is with brain alone , she has as well the beauty for she was a beauty queen of her alumni school during highschool days, she was crowned as Miss ICAS 2005. See, Auraine is a beauty and brain to be reckoned with.
   When she was asked how does she feel before going online to see the results or what does she feel before knowing the results?:" .,nah! kung alam kuya...grabe iyak ko nuh..murag bata..hahaha", she replied. But I must say that the tears kept on pouring from her eyes but this time with joy when she got the good news. "Mabuang ako kuya.,nde ako mapaniwala hahaha..parang nanalo ako sa lotto...hahaha", she expressed.

    Now that she already have the license as a Nurse, she wants to apply every single learning and trainings that she incurred from her studies to the public and that is to be of medical service. "Masasabi ko, go to the highest level..ang kumayod...hahaha, hanap na work..hehehe", she said.

    Congrats Auraine, we wish that you will continue to excel in your chosen craft.

SUN CTU25 or Globe Super25



    I have both sim cards from Sun Cellular and Globe, and therefore I own two different mobile numbers from both providers. I always asked myself which is really easy to use and very friendly. Both are offering call and text unlimited for 25.00 only. 

    Let us take a look on a brief description about its profile and let us see the difference.

  SUN Cellular     Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) is one of the Philippines’ leading mobile telecommunications company known by its corporate brand name SUN CELLULAR. Sun Cellular holds the distinction of being the fastest growing mobile network provider in the country with more than 15 million subscribers supported by its nearly 7,000 cell sites nationwide.

  Globe    is a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines. Our mission is to transform and enrich lives through communications by way of our vision of making great things possible. Globe Telecom has close to 12,000 base stations and over 6,500 cell sites to support its 2G, 3G and WiMAX services.

    Both telecommunication companies are claiming to be the leading mobile provider in the Philippines. But let us talk about the main argument on this article: which one is providing good service for the 25.00 amount spent by the end user inorder to have convenient unlimited service. 

    Based on my experience, as for Globe Unlimited service of their SUPER25 promo, I always subscribed and take advantage of it every single day, but most of the time if I'm having difficulty registering to their SUPER25 because they claim that there are lot of subscribers registered to the promo. I have tried a lot of times within the day but receiving no good results at all. If I failed within that day, I am still optimistic that by the next day I will successfully register to their promo, but still in no avail. I experienced this several times that for 5 days of trying, I can't still register to it.

   But for Sun Cellular CTU25, I never have had any experience of unsuccessful subscribing for the promo. Infact, there is no need to register to it unlike with Globe. With Sun Cellular CTU25, as soon as you load 25.00 from any store, you can immediately use your phone to call and text limitless, and there is more: there is 20 free text messages and a 30-minute free internet surfing using your phone.

    I just wonder why can't Globe use thesame strategy for call and text unlimited like what Sun Cellular company has. Is Sun Cellular really a better provider than Globe?

Saturday Star News

     MANILA, Philippines – Azkals heartthrob Phil Younghusband has publicly offered his apology to actress Angel Locsin after creating a big fuss when he invited the latter for a Valentine date over Twitter.

     In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Younghusband revealed that he did not really intend to publicize the matter that much.

    “I didn’t realize it at that time that it would become so public...I apologize for making it public to Angel because it pretty brought too much attention. I apologize,” he said.

     Furthermore, the football player said that he does not want things to be blown out of proportion and so he just wants to keep things down low.

    “There’s a lot publicity about Angel...I want to keep it down low. I respect Angel because she’s very talented and a great person so as like one says, I want to keep everything down and not make anything too much publicized,” he said.

Azkals reveal showbiz crushes
     Meanwhile, it seems that Younghusband is not the only Azkal who has a crush on Locsin.

     Younghusband’s older brother James and their teammate Reymark Palmes admitted they too have eyes for Locsin.

     But it seems both will be hands-off after Phil bared his intentions to date the actress.

    Also, midfielder Chieffy Caligdong wants to show off his football skills to his own crush, versatile actress Angelica Panganiban.

    He even jokingly challenged the Panganiban's boyfriend, actor Derek Ramsey.

    Jerry Barbaso, on the other hand, invited comedienne Melai Cantiveros for a date. "Melai, puwede ba tayo magkita,” he said.

    Azkals team captain Aly Borromeo, meantime, said his dream girl is Hollywood star Jessica Alba. - Report from Ginger Conejero, ABS-CBN News

Some good people I know part 8

     My Momay, my Amu, and my ex-housemate. She is Cristine Garcing. The "Dora" of our group. One of my good friend, infact it has been only a year that we are friends. We met at the Joaquin Enriquez Sports complex in Zamboanga. She is a teacher by profession but she chose to take a different path to make sure she would have a more stable job in the future.

    Aside from the above names that I mentioned, she is also my "Indah". "Indah", the sweetest name that my mouth and tongue agrees everytime I wanted to call her. At first we have the aloofness of establishing friendship between us, but as the journey goes on, we built the foundation get rid of the barriers, designed perfectly and beautifully, and "opened the touching closeness" we have. A bizarre statement though, ironic indeed. We have that telepathic sense, that it let us understand together by just mere looking to each other and that both of us knows what's going on...

   Expects that if everytime she is online on facebook and she is not chatting to you, she is seriously playing Farmville, Cityville and Typing Maniac. She loves reading, cooking and traveling.

    Be her friend, add her on facebook:

Some good people I know part 7

     Pretty, smart, sexy, alluring, awe-awe-awe-awesome, that is Jackielyn C. Labasan. This gal is one of my closiest friend. I can tell to her everything with no secrets, because we have the same attitude. She might be "suplada", 'maldita" and "mata-pobre" as your frist impression, but you would definitely tell to yourself that you were wrong as soon as you got to know her deeper. I am a witnessed to that.

    We didn't start our friendship with good acquaintances, infact we were enemies then, but you know what, she has the heart to know what are her mistakes and she is ready to say sorry and cover everything up for you. I believe that one time where I am unaware of, she did cover my ass to the people who has nothing to do but tell ill-description about me. I don't care who are they as long as I have this pretty-sexy lady beside me, everything will be ok.

    Jacky, as what she is fondly called, is a registered nurse. She is a very talented lady. She could sing and dance very beautifully. She is as well a fighter individual but a very emotional one in terms of love. I will not give into details to that.

   She believes in the following sayings: "Before you can win, you have to believe you are worthy"..., "Doing the best at this m0ment puts you in the best place for the next moment"...," When you find true friendship, You find true love.", and "Life's a climb, but the view is great." (Travis of Hannah Montana the movie). If Angel Locsin will not give chance to James Younghusband, it is her lost because Jacky is ready to take him.

   This might be long, but Jackie described herself  thru this:
Aide toi, et le ciel t'aidera (Help yourself and heaven will help you)

I love to watch movies/music/travelling/shopping/jewelries/singing/dancing.
I love Muay Thai.

I'm loyal and faithful.
I'm generous in my own little way.
A candid and forthright immortal.
Artistic but extreme.
Ambitious but stubborn.
Charismatic but impulsive.
Insightful, independent but distant.
Energetic but impatient.
Thoughtful, inspiring but melodramatic.
Brilliant but obsessive.
Shrewd but overbearing.
A cowboy. I'm not choosy!
I'm jealous, resentful and possessive!

*Simple/ambivalent/attractive/photogenic/loyal/faithful/Obsessive-Compulsive/adventurous/sweet/charming/candid/thrifty*thank God I already know how to use my money wisely*/moody/true friend/worst enemy/* *I almost forgot! I belong to a team that is so called a narci homo sapiens. :p

When problems and issues come my way it must be pretty rough to make me break. Whether it's a relationship problem or a family issue, I have ways to keep myself together. I go to my friends and family and talk about my frustrations before I completely break down. I focus on what I'm saying and keep myself upright and going.

    You can follow her at twitter:
    You can also add her on your list of friends at facebook:

    This is my very sexy and pretty bestfriend JACKIE!

Some good people I know part 6

    His name is Richard R. Martinez, 27 years of age and a very hardworking man. He is one of my many bestfriends, but I consider him more than a bestfriend but a brother. This best buddy of mine is not just a brother infact he is a true friend that is a gift from the heaven. I can say he is my spiritual adviser.

    Richard has been out of the country since 2008, he was working abroad for his family and for himself. He has this kind of religious views: "Jesus is the only way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father ... Jesus alone is the way". He is a religious person that is why he is getting a lot of blessings that he is not expecting to come. Even in political aspects, his God will still be the foundation of his knowledge. He believes that: "If there's no fear for God and for Country men, it's hard to change the political views". We have something in common, we like the movie "A Walk to Remember".

    Richard is a very good guy, infact I remember one time when one of our common friend told me that, if there is one friend that I should dispose, terminate everyone but not Richard. I hope you will have the same chance of having a true friend like my besfriend Richard.

    Add him as your friend on facebook: