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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Dia De Zamboanga 2011 Celebration

     ZAMBOANGA City will be bustling with activities this week as it gears up for the 74th Dia de Zamboanga (Charter Day) on Saturday.

    Dia de Zamboanga marks the day when the newly-appointed officials of the city, headed by Mayor Nicasio Valderroza, took their oath following the declaration of Zamboanga as a chartered city on October 12, 1937.

    The series of activities starts Monday with the open cheer dance competition at the City Coliseum. Public and private colleges and universities have enlisted for the competition, organized by the City Government through the City Tourism Division.

    The Sineng Pambansa: Zamboanga Film Festival 2011 will also be staged at the Mindpro Cinema from Wednesday until Friday. It will showcase the screening of 10 independent Filipino films.

    The Dia de Zamboanga celebration will kick off with the grand parade from N.S. Valderroza Street to Don Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Sports Complex.\

    Other activities:

* Red Carpet Night at the National Museum Courtyard
* Search for the Señorito/Señorita de Salud
* Book launching dubbed as Peace Warriors: On Trial with Filipino soldiers, Wednesday
* Recognition Night at the La Vista del Mar, Thursday
* The Achievers' Night, Friday
* Fishing competition, Saturday
* 14th Celso Lobregat Cup Open Dart Tournament, Friday-Saturday
* Zamboanga Freedom Run
* Karate tournament
* Search for the Zamboanga Pop Idol (Bong Garcia)

Monday Headlines: 79 Pinoys on China death row

     MANILA, Philippines - Apart from the three whose execution has been deferred, there are 79 other Filipinos awaiting their fate on China’s death row, an overseas workers group said yesterday.
Migrante International said more than 120 other Filipino workers are also facing death sentences in other countries.

     The group lauded the efforts of President Aquino in successfully halting the execution of the three Filipino workers in China.
However, the government should not give its “best shot” at the last minute in saving the lives of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) on death row because “this is not a game,” Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator John Leonard Monterona said.

   “The Aquino government should waste no time to start, as early as this time, appealing to the Chinese government the commutation of the other 79 OFWs on death row, and also the more than 120 others in other countries,” the group said.

     Monterona said Migrante is presently handling the cases of eight Filipinos on death row and 121 others in jail in the Middle East. He said 13 of the Filipino workers jailed face drug-related offenses. Since 2005, six Filipinos whose cases Migrante has handled have been executed, mostly in Saudi Arabia.
Monterona said every case of OFWs on death row must be treated with urgency by the Philippine government.

     Monterona suggested the launching of a national campaign involving all concerned government agencies to inform the public of the dangers of being victimized by international drug traffickers and syndicates.
“The foreign affairs department and various Philippine posts abroad must be ready to do their share in the campaign against drug trafficking and syndicates by swapping information and forging cooperation with the host government to combat this drug menace victimizing our dear OFWs,” Monterona said.

     Sen. Jinggoy Estrada also suggested going after the principal players of the international drug cartel.
Estrada blamed illegal recruiters behind the plight of unsuspecting Filipino workers, mostly women, who are enticed to become “drug mules” or couriers of international drug syndicates.

     The women are paid between $500 and $5,000 to swallow tubes containing the drugs, carry them hidden in their luggage or even dissolved and soaked into paper or books. The lack of jobs at home is a major reason why women in particular resort to smuggling drugs. Estrada said authorities must focus their attention on the personalities involved in enticing Filipino workers to transport illegal drugs.

     Estrada noted most of the suspected drug mules are not even OFWs registered at the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

A Good Leader at 19

 Michael L. Villaluz­ ­

      "A leader is a producer of leaders", a perspective of leadership coming from a young leader of the Kristiyanong Kabataan para sa Bayan, Zamboanga Chapter. He is called "Kel" by those people who knows him. He started his leadership of  the mentioned organization 3 years ago as a member of the core and eventually a year after he was entrusted by the chairman to lead the group. But his leadership did not just begin last year, infact he was an active student officer during his highschool days. To be a leader is really in his blood. Undoubtedly, maybe someday we can see him facilitating a larger group or perhaps serving the public.Who knows, right? KKB, is an organization that inspires the youth to live for Jesus Christ and to offer the prime years of their lives in service to God and country­. 

     Kel is currently on his third year at Ateneo de Zamboanga University, taking up BS Management Accounting. He dream of becoming a Certified Management Accountant someday. He loves to hear inspirational music from Hillsong. Eventhough he loves gospel songs, he is a rocker as well, he is a fan of Gloc-9. Huh!, I wonder if this man can rap, but I know for sure he can sing, infact he is a song leader at the church where he attends every sunday.

    Kel ususally introduced himself to you in thisway: "okay..I can say I'm a person with great sense of humor but a person who knows when to be serious. An outgoing, an easy going guy. I'm usually mistaken as a snob but i have said, mistaken.. I TALK A LOT! I'm friendly. I'm silent when the mood is not on tract. I love hanging out with friends, and I treasure them so much!!".

    I was once a leader of this group. During my time we also had many activities for the youth to achieve its mission and vision. But my time is over, and now for many years, I got the chance to get acquainted to this guy in Cebu, where he,  together with other KKB's were attending a retreat and at the same time a seminar for leaders. Kel plans to have a lot of activities for KKB such as: ER (Encounter Retreat) for KKB's­ ­, KKB love drive, prayer walk, conquest­ ­ training­ ­, and leadership training­ ­.

  Good job Kel, and more good luck  to your leadership. Like "blue eagles", SOAR HIGH!!!

Former PAF is now a Registered Nurse


     When all of his classmates and friends are eager to check the results of the last December 2010 Nursing Board Exam, Mark Christoper was infront of his computer and surfing the internet with no plans of checking the results online. Maybe he is too confident that he will make it, because believe me this guy, a former Philippine Air Force is indeed damn genius. I know that because we were classmates in highschool. When asked him why not bothered to check the result online, he answered enthusiastically, "kasi antayin ko na lang na may magtext sakin... kung may magtext ibig sabihin pumasa ako... kapag wala meaning bagsak ako... e maraming nagtext at tumawag at nagcongrats sakin kaya un meaning pumasa ako".

   Sequence number 7953 of December 2010 Nursing Board Exam results belongs to this not just genius friend of mine but as well very talented. He is a good singer infact. He shared same feeling of happiness as soon as he was able to see his name online and on the list of those who passed the said board.  Currently, he is working as a volunteer at the Zamboanga Red Cross to gain medical experience for his profession. Now that he is already a Licensed Nurse, he plans to go abroad and practice his profession in the Middle East. 

    Mark  finished his first degree in Management Information System at Ateneo de Zamboanga Univeristy, after college he joined the Philippine Air Force for three years, but because of the request of his family to try the fate in Nursing, he left his well handled service and pursue a second degree in Nursing which he finished last 2010 at Western Mindanao State University.

    This newly registered nurse, Mark described himself in the saying: "To be loved, and to have loved, is to live life to the fullest".

    Congratulations! Macoy. Goodluck to you!

What A Boring Day!

    I remember one time that I have a friend who loves to send text messages and one of which that I can recall was a message that tells, "when boredom strikes..". I feel so boring this Sunday and for the past few days. I am not doing anything, there is nothing that I can think to make myself mobile and busy. I woke-up this morning with no energy, my mind is not working, my body feels like saggy and everything in me is totally blank.

   All day I was just inside the house, lying on my bed, check the internet with no interest at all just for the sake of having something to read, but it is not making me to stay long, as soon as I opened my facebook and checked who were online, I just immediately log-out and went back to the couch.

   I want to think a lot especially happy moments but my mind won't cooperate. I am really bored. Very bored. What a boring day indeed. :(