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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Former PAF is now a Registered Nurse


     When all of his classmates and friends are eager to check the results of the last December 2010 Nursing Board Exam, Mark Christoper was infront of his computer and surfing the internet with no plans of checking the results online. Maybe he is too confident that he will make it, because believe me this guy, a former Philippine Air Force is indeed damn genius. I know that because we were classmates in highschool. When asked him why not bothered to check the result online, he answered enthusiastically, "kasi antayin ko na lang na may magtext sakin... kung may magtext ibig sabihin pumasa ako... kapag wala meaning bagsak ako... e maraming nagtext at tumawag at nagcongrats sakin kaya un meaning pumasa ako".

   Sequence number 7953 of December 2010 Nursing Board Exam results belongs to this not just genius friend of mine but as well very talented. He is a good singer infact. He shared same feeling of happiness as soon as he was able to see his name online and on the list of those who passed the said board.  Currently, he is working as a volunteer at the Zamboanga Red Cross to gain medical experience for his profession. Now that he is already a Licensed Nurse, he plans to go abroad and practice his profession in the Middle East. 

    Mark  finished his first degree in Management Information System at Ateneo de Zamboanga Univeristy, after college he joined the Philippine Air Force for three years, but because of the request of his family to try the fate in Nursing, he left his well handled service and pursue a second degree in Nursing which he finished last 2010 at Western Mindanao State University.

    This newly registered nurse, Mark described himself in the saying: "To be loved, and to have loved, is to live life to the fullest".

    Congratulations! Macoy. Goodluck to you!

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