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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Some good people I know part 6

    His name is Richard R. Martinez, 27 years of age and a very hardworking man. He is one of my many bestfriends, but I consider him more than a bestfriend but a brother. This best buddy of mine is not just a brother infact he is a true friend that is a gift from the heaven. I can say he is my spiritual adviser.

    Richard has been out of the country since 2008, he was working abroad for his family and for himself. He has this kind of religious views: "Jesus is the only way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father ... Jesus alone is the way". He is a religious person that is why he is getting a lot of blessings that he is not expecting to come. Even in political aspects, his God will still be the foundation of his knowledge. He believes that: "If there's no fear for God and for Country men, it's hard to change the political views". We have something in common, we like the movie "A Walk to Remember".

    Richard is a very good guy, infact I remember one time when one of our common friend told me that, if there is one friend that I should dispose, terminate everyone but not Richard. I hope you will have the same chance of having a true friend like my besfriend Richard.

    Add him as your friend on facebook:

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