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Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Good Leader at 19

 Michael L. Villaluz­ ­

      "A leader is a producer of leaders", a perspective of leadership coming from a young leader of the Kristiyanong Kabataan para sa Bayan, Zamboanga Chapter. He is called "Kel" by those people who knows him. He started his leadership of  the mentioned organization 3 years ago as a member of the core and eventually a year after he was entrusted by the chairman to lead the group. But his leadership did not just begin last year, infact he was an active student officer during his highschool days. To be a leader is really in his blood. Undoubtedly, maybe someday we can see him facilitating a larger group or perhaps serving the public.Who knows, right? KKB, is an organization that inspires the youth to live for Jesus Christ and to offer the prime years of their lives in service to God and country­. 

     Kel is currently on his third year at Ateneo de Zamboanga University, taking up BS Management Accounting. He dream of becoming a Certified Management Accountant someday. He loves to hear inspirational music from Hillsong. Eventhough he loves gospel songs, he is a rocker as well, he is a fan of Gloc-9. Huh!, I wonder if this man can rap, but I know for sure he can sing, infact he is a song leader at the church where he attends every sunday.

    Kel ususally introduced himself to you in thisway: "okay..I can say I'm a person with great sense of humor but a person who knows when to be serious. An outgoing, an easy going guy. I'm usually mistaken as a snob but i have said, mistaken.. I TALK A LOT! I'm friendly. I'm silent when the mood is not on tract. I love hanging out with friends, and I treasure them so much!!".

    I was once a leader of this group. During my time we also had many activities for the youth to achieve its mission and vision. But my time is over, and now for many years, I got the chance to get acquainted to this guy in Cebu, where he,  together with other KKB's were attending a retreat and at the same time a seminar for leaders. Kel plans to have a lot of activities for KKB such as: ER (Encounter Retreat) for KKB's­ ­, KKB love drive, prayer walk, conquest­ ­ training­ ­, and leadership training­ ­.

  Good job Kel, and more good luck  to your leadership. Like "blue eagles", SOAR HIGH!!!

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