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Saturday, 19 February 2011

SUN CTU25 or Globe Super25



    I have both sim cards from Sun Cellular and Globe, and therefore I own two different mobile numbers from both providers. I always asked myself which is really easy to use and very friendly. Both are offering call and text unlimited for 25.00 only. 

    Let us take a look on a brief description about its profile and let us see the difference.

  SUN Cellular     Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) is one of the Philippines’ leading mobile telecommunications company known by its corporate brand name SUN CELLULAR. Sun Cellular holds the distinction of being the fastest growing mobile network provider in the country with more than 15 million subscribers supported by its nearly 7,000 cell sites nationwide.

  Globe    is a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines. Our mission is to transform and enrich lives through communications by way of our vision of making great things possible. Globe Telecom has close to 12,000 base stations and over 6,500 cell sites to support its 2G, 3G and WiMAX services.

    Both telecommunication companies are claiming to be the leading mobile provider in the Philippines. But let us talk about the main argument on this article: which one is providing good service for the 25.00 amount spent by the end user inorder to have convenient unlimited service. 

    Based on my experience, as for Globe Unlimited service of their SUPER25 promo, I always subscribed and take advantage of it every single day, but most of the time if I'm having difficulty registering to their SUPER25 because they claim that there are lot of subscribers registered to the promo. I have tried a lot of times within the day but receiving no good results at all. If I failed within that day, I am still optimistic that by the next day I will successfully register to their promo, but still in no avail. I experienced this several times that for 5 days of trying, I can't still register to it.

   But for Sun Cellular CTU25, I never have had any experience of unsuccessful subscribing for the promo. Infact, there is no need to register to it unlike with Globe. With Sun Cellular CTU25, as soon as you load 25.00 from any store, you can immediately use your phone to call and text limitless, and there is more: there is 20 free text messages and a 30-minute free internet surfing using your phone.

    I just wonder why can't Globe use thesame strategy for call and text unlimited like what Sun Cellular company has. Is Sun Cellular really a better provider than Globe?

1 comment:

  1. Fuck sun
    It say unli but only to found out you limit our call
    But we buy the unli promo
    You should have said it before that it is not unli
    Im going back to globe sun sucks