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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Some good people I know part 5

    This is my good friend Abigail Joy Fernando. She is fondly called Joy by her peers, but she wanted to be called as Nabby, a name she discovered in the book she read. She graduated at Western Mindanao State University with the degree in Social Work.

    We've been friends for a year now. We were housemates in Manila during our application process on the career that we are applying (I chose not to disclose the type of job we are applying because its still under process). My first impression about this gal, was so difficult to build friendship with because of her choleric type of temperament, however she has a teachable heart, she knows how to listen to you especially if it is about her attitude. My first impression did not last because I got the chance to know her better, she has a good side indeed. She is true friend indeed. I owe mylife to her especially during the time that I was unconscious of what was happening to myself, I don't want to put into details about this, but the bottomline is she was there helping me out. She is very organized person, actually she is the perfect girl to marry by any man, but I wish that my friend here, Joy, will find the perfect guy for her. She is very independent in everything, a very fighter beautiful lady.

    Like me, she also like Historical novel and the show Amazing race. On her free time she loves cross-stitching. And if she is infront of the computer, expect that she will open different tabs on her window for her farmville, petville and fishville. She has lots of email addresses, I don;t know why?. One thing that I really like her is her interest in cooking. When she cooks you could really not wait for yourself to try and eat if it is served.

    Nabby always believes in this saying: "I have learned not to worry about love; But to honor its coming with all my heart".


Some good people I know part 4

    This is my pakner Linda Rose Solis. We called each other "pakner"  from the word "partner" because from the time that we've been classmates during collge, we were always together in terms of group projects, reports and until practicum days, inseparable huh! She is currently the secretary of the college dean at the school where she graduated.

   She was a good cheerleader during our college days. I believe cheer leading is one of her talent and interest because even in the saying she believes that ""Save the cheerleader, save the world" (catching phrase of Hereos) hehehe". Linda Rose is very beautiful and has a good heart. In person she looks like Kristine Hermosa. Like me, she also love food tripping and cooking. No doubt, we are really good friends.

   She is popularly known by our classmates because of her sanguine personality. At first she can be misjudged as suplada but she is very mahinhin. She really has agreat sense of humor, very appealing, emotional sometimes (easy to cry, easy to be inlove), and very demonstrative. She laughs at almost anything even to the corniest jokes. Linda, Psyche and Grazieloves are the names associated to her.

   One good trivia about Linda is that during our graduation ceremony, she was the only student who received a Loyalty Cup Award because she was with the school since Kinder 1 to 4th year college, a record breaking huh!

   Linda describe herself as: footloose & fancy free. Inclined to go to d extreme in all tings, and with a nice hips, nice skin,tight lips.

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Some good people I know part 3

    His name is Michale Martin R. Llorando. He is a newly registered nurse. He finished his nursing degree at the Univeristy of San Jose-Recoletos in Cebu. This good friend of mine is no doubt a smart person. He is tall, not so dark and hmmmm let me think what would be the next line that would appropriate describe this guy, hahaha, I will leave it to you readers, hahahaha.

    I was able to meet this guy and be able to build friendship with him during my first stay in Cebu, that time we were working together as a call center agent TSR at Sykes Asia Cebu, I was the firts one who approached him because I know that this guy could help me from my problem, I was looking for a place to stay while working because I have a limited days of accommodation at the hotel where I was staying. I need to look for an apartment or room for rent to stay. Miko as he was fondly called, helped me and offered me the boarding house that they managed, so in less time I found relief  from the struggle of being a stranger in a beautiful city. He was the first person in Cebu that I built friendship with. He is a nice person maybe because he was raised in a good family, the Llorando family, my second family, my family in Cebu. His mom and dad are nice, the entire family shall I say.

    He is a friend that you could really rely on. Miko describe himself in this saying: "Because when I arrive.. I bring the Fire.. Make u come alive.. I can take u higher.. What this is.. Forgot?.. I must now remind you LET IT ROCK! LET IT ROCK! LET IT ROCK!! YEAH.

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Some good people I know part 2

     Her name is Sheela Mary Mariano Ramirez. A very petite lady, she is currently working at one of the oldest univeristy in Zamboanga city which is Western Mindanao State University, popularly called as WMSU and former Normal Univeristy during Marcos administration.

     She is fond of laughing and when she giggles, it will turn into domino, because you could laugh at her not because of her jokes but because the way she laughs. This beautiful friend of mine loves cooking but to tell you honestly I haven't tried any dish that she cooked. I got the chance to know this beautiful gal when she, along with my bestfirend, Linda Rose, and the rest of the  employees where she previously worked were in tour in Cebu, and during that time I was still working as a call center agent. My bestfriend introduced me to her, I thought she was just a grade 5 pupil who got the opportunity to join the tour but no she was an employee, well because of her height you will not notice if she is already old, because she is pretty dammed beautiful. I treated them in a pizza restaurant, but we just had a limited time to get to know well because I was also in hurry to go to sleep for I have a shift on a graveyard hour. But our friendship doesn't stops on that short acquaintance, from then on we've been good friends eventhough we are not seeing each other that often but thru the technology of communication we still get the chance to say "hello" and to know how each one is doing.

   She love reading books like: Twilight, Harry Potter, and the Bible. And definitely, she also love watching movies with the book she reads.  Wow, we have something in common she also like watching "The Notebook".

   Sheela describes herself in one word: "wacky". You can add up this pretty petite lady to your facebook by just adding her email address:

Some good people I know part 1

      Her name is Catherine Janice E. Pingkian. She is my bestfriend in Cebu city. I had the chance to meet her and worked with her during my stay in Cebu for almost two years. We were officemates at Convergys Inc., a call center and a leading BPO company in Cebu. We were working together as a Technical Support Representative.  We started our friendship from the time that we stepped in the vicinity of the said company. from trainings down to the production floor.

    I considered her as one of the good people that I know because this beautiful lady is full of hearts. She dearly love her family, friends more than herself. Though, she has a big problem, needless to mention for it is  very private, you can always see her face with a glittering smile. I could attest on how beautiful inside and outside this bestfriend of mine. I am not saying she is really a nice person because I am her bestfriend but because that is what I am genuinely seeing in her.

    She is a pure blooded cebuana, she graduated at University of San Carlos Technological Center-Cebu. She believes in the saying " "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments
that take our breath away." She also follows the teaching of Confucius, " “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall". Cathy is the girl that if depression comes in to her, she love to go shopping till she drops. Oh men. She loves malling, watching movies (about watching movies, I remember one time we went to cinema and we planned to watched TRANSFORMERS, but you know what she did inside, she just slept, she paid a 150 bucks for that movie for her to watch with her eyes closed and her mind in deep sleep), travelling, and beaches. Oh let me refresh my memory, if I can still recall it, everytime she wanted to go to somewhere, she always make sure that she has to wear from head to toe all in brand new. 

    My bestfriend, Cathy, describes herself in the saying :

All comes at the proper time to him who knows how to wait.
- Saint Vincent de Paul

Live Life with Love
Living is wonderful.
Life is beautiful.
Loving is simple.
Proverbs 4:23

    I am not selfish about my bestfriend, I want you to get acquainted and be a witnessed on how good my bestfriend is. You can add her as one of your friends on your facebook.


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