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Friday, 18 February 2011


     February 19, 2011 was a day that was so displeasing towards the management and organization of ZAMCELCO, because of its intermittent power supply. ZAMCELCO (Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative) who generates power supply to the entire city of Zamboanga was established on February 23, 1974. This cooperative is actually facing a lot of controversies regarding its management.

     I was actually infront of my computer, ready to compose new article for my blogsite while seriously looking and visiting my favorite websites and doing some PTC (Paid To Click) job on the net, when suddenly the power outage came. Hence, everything that I was working on my computer were put in vain. So, I stopped and waited for the power to come back. After an hour of waiting, I was so glad that the power is back, immediately I opened my computer and went back to my work, as I was about to log-in to my account at, second power interruption disrupted my work. There's nothing I can do but to stop again and wait in vain. After long hours of waiting, the power turned on again, as I was enthusiastic to finish my work, I went infront of my computer and had it turned on eagerly and excited, but as I was about to open the browser, another power interruption put my patience to an end.

    It was very displeasing that the power supply in Zamboanga which is manage by ZAMCELCO is intermittently providing good service to the publlic, considering that technology are fast innovating from good to best, yet their equipments are still not upgraded.

    To the management of ZAMCELCO, there is 1 question for you: When are you going to change your management? and there is 1 favor for you: Please upgrade your system and not your lifestyle.

Morning News:China suspends execution of 3 Filipinos

China suspends execution of 3 Filipinos

    MANILA, Philippines (2nd UPDATE) - The Chinese government on Friday ordered a stay of execution for the three Filipinos convicted of drug trafficking.

    This came after Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay went to Beijing and held talks with Chinese officials to seek leniency for the three convicts.

     Ramon "Monchito" Credo, Sally Ordinario-Villanueva, and Elizabeth Batain have been convicted of drug trafficking in China.

     In a joint statement, the Philippines "expressed its sincere appreciation to China for the decision of the SPC (Supreme People's Court) to postpone the execution within the scope of Chinese law."The joint statement said the "Chinese side briefed the Vice President on the final verdict of the Supreme People's Court on the three (3) Filipinos sentenced to death for drug trafficking and the decision of the SPC to postpone the execution within the scope of Chinese law."

     Binay met with the following Chinese officials and members of their staff: H.E. Mr. Dai Bingguo, State Councillor, H.E. Mr. Wang Shengjun, President of the Supreme People's Court and H.E. Mr. Zhang Zhijun, Executive Vice Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The joint statement said, "The two sides exchanged views on a wide range of issues concerning bilateral relations, including judicial cooperation. The two sides expressed the determination to work together and make joint efforts in further strengthening the relationship of strategic cooperation."The two countries also said they "are determined to work together in the fight against transnational crimes, including drug trafficking."
Of the condemned Filipinos, a 42-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman were scheduled to be executed on Monday in the southeastern city of Xiamen. A 38-year-old woman was due to be put to death in Shenzhen on Tuesday.

     China had originally rejected Philippine requests for a visit by Binay on behalf of the three drug mules, but in a surprise move late Thursday, it softened its stance.Binay, who is due to leave Beijing Saturday, had said in a statement he respected the decisions of the Chinese courts but would argue during his trip that the three deserved a lighter penalty."We do not condone drug trafficking. However, we believe that these Filipinos were merely victims of international drug syndicates," he said.

    Aquino, meanwhile, said Friday he had sent a letter of appeal to his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao and called on all Filipinos "to unite ourselves in prayer beginning today at sundown.""All our prayers will storm the heavens to touch the heart of God, the God who will make a way when there seems to be no way," he said in a statement.All three Filipinos were convicted of smuggling heroin at separate trials in 2008, but Philippine officials say they were duped into their crimes and should face long prison sentences instead of execution.
Ties between the two countries were tested last year by the deaths in Manila of eight tourists from Hong Kong, who were killed in a bungled rescue bid by Philippine police after they had been taken hostage aboard a bus.

    Aquino sparked outrage in Hong Kong by later deciding to press only minor criminal charges against several police officials involved in the fiasco. -- With Agence France-Presse; Additional reports from Chiara Zambrano, ABS-CBN News

Old Filipino TV Commercials


Ford Fiera Jeep Classic Philippine TV Ad

    This An old Filipino TV Ad probably aired in the mid 70's with Rod Navarro bringing a clear product message with humor.

   Imagine 30 years ago, passenger jeepneys were being advertised on national TV. I just wonder how much was the fare 30 years ago, and how much does it cost to fill the fuel tank of this jeepney.

Aquino calls nation to unite in prayer for three Filipinos facing death in China

President Benigno S. Aquino III called on all Filipinos to unite in offering prayers in hopes that top officials of the People’s Republic of China (PROC) would grant clemency to the three Filipinos in the death row for drug-related cases.
In a media briefing at the Palace Friday, Presidential Deputy Spokesperson Abigail Valte expressed the appeal of the President to the nation in efforts to push for the reprieve of his countrymen facing death penalty in China.
“The entire Filipino nation is united in appealing for leniency before the top officials of the PROC, so that our countrymen meted out with the death penalty may be granted clemency”, the Chief Executive’s statement read.
“May I call on all Filipinos, led by our religious leaders of all faiths to unite ourselves in prayer beginning today at sundown, at the pealing of the bell for the Angelus or during the most quiet and meditative times consistent with our respective faiths”, it added.
President Aquino assured that the government is exerting all possible efforts – the latest of which was his appeal to the President of China and the trip of Vice President Jejomar Binay to personally make an appeal as the three Filipinos await a most desired action: Stay the execution.
The government’s hope stemmed from an earlier success when it incessantly appealed to the leadership of China that resulted to the reprieve of Filipinos Myrna San Pedro and Estela Capunong.
The government publicly thanked China’s leaders for tempering justice with mercy holding the belief that it has found a soft spot in the hearts of Chinese ranking officials.
The President expressed high hopes that consolidated prayers will soar to the heavens to touch the heart of God – the God who “will make a way where there seems to be no way”.
At seven this morning, Vice President Binay left for China onboard Philippine Airlines flight PR358 bound for Beijing in a last ditch effort to save the lives of the three Filipinos there.
The Vice President, upon instructions of the President, will formally make his plea with the Chinese government for the reprieve.
"As instructed by President Aquino, I leave this morning for Beijing to appeal for clemency for our three kababayans on death row." VP Binay said in his pre-departure statement.


China allows Binay to plead for 3 Pinoys | The Philippine Star News Headlines

Attracting Success

We all wish to be successful and yet somehow we seem to be missing the target. In this article we will show you how to become more successful in all your endeavors.

Success often eludes many people. Like the inevitable pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, people set their hearts on following their dreams only to wake up disappointed.

Disappointment can be crushing to people. They sit and wonder what on earth they did wrong. They may have a strong belief in that pot of gold, but a dream alone cannot make your visions a reality.

You may have read a myriad of books and followed all the rules and imagined yourself as the successful person that you want to be. Your vision may be crystal clear and that is a good thing. The Bible says, "Without a vision the people perish". The problem remains that envisioning yourself as successful is not enough.

What are your dreams?
What are you hopes for the future?
Have you ever written them down?

If you could be anything that you wanted to be and go where you wanted to go, who would you be? What would you be like? Where would you be living?

I want you to take a few moments now and write down the answer to these questions. Be as specific as you can so you can visualize these things as being true today. Crystallize these ideals in your mind.

Don't cheat here, this is an important exercise, now go and write the answers down on a piece of paper, or better still in a book. You can call this your Dream Book to Success.

Now ask yourself this question: What do I need to do in order to live the life I dream of?

What do I need to do to make my dreams a reality?

The first step is to make sure you do not put off the vision too far in the distance. Don't live on tomorrow's sunshine. At the same time, don't expect to have a change overnight. There is no magic pill that is going to bring about your dream. There is no easy road that will bring you to the Emerald City.

Someone once said "the road to success is filled with hard knocks" and this is reality.

You CAN achieve your dreams only if you systematically prepare yourself to receive them. You also must believe that you CAN receive them.