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What is CRITICS? It was derived from the word "CRITICISM" which means the art of Judging merit, a spoken written judgment concerning some matter resting on opinions. How does CRITICS101 works? I have made CRITICS101 on this blogger site to come up some interesting topics to write about. All of the reactions or comments that can be read on this blog are merely based on my own opinion or on my personal note. CRITICS101 will feature stories, articles, opinions and reviews from anything to everything and to everybody. This will be a BLOG_MAGAZINE article on the net that will showcase people, places, faces, events and current issues that is worth reading for. Readers and visitors of this blog can be a contributor. They can send their writeups of any sorts as long as their article for their critics will not in anyway violates any law. You can send your article to

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Some good people I know part 8

     My Momay, my Amu, and my ex-housemate. She is Cristine Garcing. The "Dora" of our group. One of my good friend, infact it has been only a year that we are friends. We met at the Joaquin Enriquez Sports complex in Zamboanga. She is a teacher by profession but she chose to take a different path to make sure she would have a more stable job in the future.

    Aside from the above names that I mentioned, she is also my "Indah". "Indah", the sweetest name that my mouth and tongue agrees everytime I wanted to call her. At first we have the aloofness of establishing friendship between us, but as the journey goes on, we built the foundation get rid of the barriers, designed perfectly and beautifully, and "opened the touching closeness" we have. A bizarre statement though, ironic indeed. We have that telepathic sense, that it let us understand together by just mere looking to each other and that both of us knows what's going on...

   Expects that if everytime she is online on facebook and she is not chatting to you, she is seriously playing Farmville, Cityville and Typing Maniac. She loves reading, cooking and traveling.

    Be her friend, add her on facebook:

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