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Friday, 13 May 2011

Shocking Elimination of James Durbin on American Idol

    Last Wednesday the top 4 finalists on AI rendered two songs for the two rounds of their performances. James performed “Don’t Stop Believin” and Leiber/Stoller’s "Love Potion #9". Steven Styler who is a great rocker and performer applauded James with his two performances saying that the latter is simply incredible. J-Lo on the other hand admittedly that she was wronged of her perspective towards James, because he proved to her that he can sing any song. Randy Jackson who has been on the show judging for 10 years, believe that the singer is surprising everyone with his performances every single week and he even noted that James was there to win it.

   Surprisingly, out of  72 million votes, the total performer was sent home. This was a big shocking result, considering that James has not been in the bottom three ever since until Thursday night show. James is indeed a great singer and a total performer on the show. As James was upset of his departure on AI, so as Jennifer Lopez who was in tears to hear from Ryan, host of the said show, the bad news. Moreover, James is not alone with this frustration because a lot of Americans and other nationalities who are fan of the rocker James Durbin, outnumbering that 72 million votes, are in deep frustration.

    "I worked so damn hard and I was hoping to get there," Durbin said while tears rolled down his cheeks. "But I did so much stuff that's never been done on the show. I did what I came here to do, and that was to give metal a chance."

      If James has not been voted-off, he could have shown more of his talent. He really rocks the stage as he performed every week. He is a total performer to be reckoned with. His journey on the 10th season of American Idol has given the metallic music a chance once again, and because of him the love on Rock n' Roll music has been reborn. Surely, his music, voice and his great performances will be missed by a lot of fan on American Idol stage, but he will be applauded again by many on a bigger stage of America's music industry. No doubt, he can be a new big star, waited by everyone.

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