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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Congratulations! Auraine



    Just pass 5:00 in the afternoon of this day, Saturday (February 19, 2011) like any other hopefuls, Auraine V. Quintos was so excited even at the tremors of her nervousness to check the result of the December 2010 Nursing Board Exam. She was so excited to open the website to see if her name is listed on those examinees who passed the said board exam. And it was a great day for her, because she got the spot.

    Auraine was a graduate of Western Mindanao State Univeristy in Zamboanga City. She just finished her degree last 2010. I know this lady for almost 5 years already because she is the long-time girlfriend of my brother. This lady is so dead serious about her studies, I remember one time that during her Highschool days, when she graduated with Honors. Not just that this lady is with brain alone , she has as well the beauty for she was a beauty queen of her alumni school during highschool days, she was crowned as Miss ICAS 2005. See, Auraine is a beauty and brain to be reckoned with.
   When she was asked how does she feel before going online to see the results or what does she feel before knowing the results?:" .,nah! kung alam kuya...grabe iyak ko nuh..murag bata..hahaha", she replied. But I must say that the tears kept on pouring from her eyes but this time with joy when she got the good news. "Mabuang ako kuya.,nde ako mapaniwala hahaha..parang nanalo ako sa lotto...hahaha", she expressed.

    Now that she already have the license as a Nurse, she wants to apply every single learning and trainings that she incurred from her studies to the public and that is to be of medical service. "Masasabi ko, go to the highest level..ang kumayod...hahaha, hanap na work..hehehe", she said.

    Congrats Auraine, we wish that you will continue to excel in your chosen craft.

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