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Monday, 11 July 2011

Power Tripping (Part 1)

        You know what guys, I really hate those people who are fond of "power tripping" to other people, merely because the victim of this unintelligent action from the cloddish mind of the loggerheaded bullies are just new to the company. But hey this victim could definitely in no doubt but can outsmart these nitwitted, lumpen jerky blockheaded trippers. On the other note, I was just thinking they might be doing this to this poor yet very exceptional victim maybe because they are completely insecure to this "power tripping victim". It only shows on their atrocious faces, horrible sense of fashions (the way they carry their  uniform or clothes) and pitiable physical appearances. You may better go and be infront of your mirror and try to check once again of  your nauseous bull-headed minds and nauseating reflections

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Amazing Kid: Kid Dancing To Thriller at Safeco Field

           I just want to share this amazing video I've watched over Youtube and Yahoo. I was really amazed and enamored on how this kid moved the baseball fans at Safeco field. I have watched it for several times within an hour alone. I hope to see him more on TV. He is another youtube sensation like Charice and Justin Bieber.  Enjoy watching.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Mayor Punches Sheriff

         How dirty is the politics in the Philippines today? I remember one day a friend of mine asked us to  define politics in one word. One friend of mine who was also asked by this friend of ours answered "DIRTY", others answered "MONEY", and "POWER". The recent incident happened in Davao, a city located at the southern part of the Philippines, last Saturday July 1, 2011 between its city Mayor and the city's court sheriff can be considered as one example of how is POLITICS can be define in one word such as: DIRTY, MONEY and POWER. Mayor Sara Duterte, who happens to be the daughter of the former Mayor and now Davao city Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was caught on camera hitting four punches on the face of Davao Regional Trial Court Sheriff Abbe Andres during a demolition at one of the shanties in the city. According to the news, Duterte found out a riot happening on a demolition while attending to some residents of the recent flasflood victims. She then went to the place and approached the sheriff with four strong punches on the face unremorsed. Poor sheriff, he was surprised with the attack, can not do anything but obtain those punches from the fists of its "beloved" mayor.

        Sara Duterte, a lawyer and the present mayor of Davao city is the first woman to be elected as a Mayor of their town. It's only been a year since she held office as the city Mayor, might also be the first mayor  to say an early goodbye and to be ousted from her current position because of ominous and revolting behavior. According to Senate President Enrile, the mayor must be sanctioned because of not respecting the court's order. The Regional Trial Court order the demolition of the shanties at Barangay Kapitan Tomas Monteverde Sr. Suliman, Agdao. She then asked Andres to wait for two hours before serving the demolition on that place. However, the sheriff was just following orders from the court to have the demolition be served, wherein the Mayor was mad about. 

         The demolition created riots and violent reactions in that place from the residents. 500 families of the said Barangay were insistent to stay and to block the demolition team.

          Personally, I don't like the action taken by the Mayor to the Sheriff. She only shows the definition of politics which are dirty, money and power. She must be sanctioned and must be taken out of the office. She is abusing her power as the Mayor. The elected officials must always carry the value of respect, initiator of peace and order, and must have the legacy of a good leadership. Mayor Sara Dutertes only provided the citizens of Davao and the entire Philippines the picture of an abused women empowerment and of an abused usage of leadership. This is not a good picture. Remember, the leader must always be in the middle  of a two opponent  individuals and must always perform a resolution for the problem at hand, however because of the malevolence caused by her own misdeeds she has just shown that she is neither a leader nor a peacemaker.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Guiness' New Record Holder: 2011 Shortest Man In The World

Junrey Balawing - 18 years old
            Guiness Book of World Records is known to be the home of the longest, shortest, fastest, fattest and anything for an individual and even collective records. It is a reference book published annually, containing a collection of world records, both human achievements and the extremes of the natural world. The book itself holds a world record, as the best-selling copyrighted book series of all time. Now a new record has been officially confirmed by its officials and that is having the new World's Shortest Man record holder. Formerly, shortest man in the world until 2011 by Guiness World Records was Khagendra Thapa Magar from Nepal who measures for about 26.4 inches or 67 cm, now the record is being transferred to an 18 yearl old guy from the Philippines named Junrey Balawing, measuring 23.59 inches or 59.93 cm. He is just 3 inches shorter than the former record holder and 1 year older than Khagendra. The official declaration of the new shortest man alive was awarded to Junrey on the day of his birthday, June 12.

              But Guiness has the record of the World's shortest man ever verified, Gul Mohammed, from India who died in 1997, only measuring 22 inches or 57 cm, just 2 centimeters shorter than Junrey. He was examined in 1990 by the officials from Guiness World Records and declared as the record holder on the same year.  He died at the age of 40.

Gul Mohammed
                 Below are the list of the previous record holder for the Guiness World Records shortes man:

1. Khagendra Thapa Magar (Nepal) - Former shortest man in the world until 2011, measuring 26.4 in (67cm ), according ti Guiness World Records.

2. Younis Edwan (Jordan) - Shortest man claimant, is said to be 26 in (65 cm) but not verified by the Guiness World Records.

3. István Toth (Hungary) - Shortest man claimant, was said to be 26 in (65 cm). Verification by Guiness World Records needs to be checked. István died in May 2011 at the age of 48. (No picture available)

4. Lin Yü-Chih (Taiwan) - Former shortest man in the world until 2009.

5.  Edward Niño Hernández (Colombia) -  Named the shortest man after He Pingping died in March 2010, at 27.64 in (70.21 cm ), but lost the title in October 2010 to Magar.

6. He Pingping (China) - Once officially verified as shortest living man (mobile) at 29 in (74cm), until death in March 2010.

Source: Guiness World of Records, Wikipedia, Google,

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Movies: The Box Office Hitmaker

            People are fond of watching movies, may it be drama, comedy, sci-fi or animation, as long as the movie that is filmed tickles their eyes to watch those movies in theaters expensive as will it cost them a lot or even on a pirated copy to save some penny and sometimes watching it on a downloadable  file on the Internet. I myself with no pretension is enamored of going to theaters and watch a new movie which I think is really enthralling to spend time or shall I say worth a time to amuse myself with. Infact, I sometimes do watched the movie for several times, and Titanic was one of those that I watched repeatedly. I have lots of favorite movies aside from Titanic, not to mention; Avatar, Transformers, 2012, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, The Blind Side, Star Wars, Forrest Gump and Flipper. Recently, while i'm watching on a cable television, an HBO presents movie to watch was 2012, I was about to be infront of my computer, but I suddenly shifted and I unequivocally decided to be infront of my tv and watched 2012 instead with excitement like it was being premiered for the first time. For the record I've watched 2012 for 4 times inside theaters, twice on a CD and once on the Internet, tho having watched it for numerous times I still find it prepossessing to gander. Because of this, I cogitated on an interesting topic to write about and that is which movie that has been earning the most. Below are the list of Worldwide highest-grossing films:


1. AVATAR - $2,783,165,628

2. TITANIC - $1,843,201,268 



5. TOY STORY 3 - $1,063,165,731

6. ALICE IN WONDERLAND - $1,024,299,801

7. THE DARK KNIGHT - $1,001,921,825




 Source: Wikipedia,



Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Something To Know More About Our World

        Today's feature for this blog is a mere exploration of a bubbling mind about our modern world. I found it interesting tho because of the news program that I watched on the cable television which features something that is all about world rankings, who is on the top and who is at the least. I did explore on the Internet and tried to search a topic that caters "world rankings". As eager as I was, I went to google and typed in the search box with the topic that I was thinking, not so long enough I was able to get what I wanted. Below you would see some interesting world rankings (my own jargons) that will help each one to know better about our own world.








                   TOP 10 MOST GENEROUS COUNTRIES:

                   TOP 10 MOST VISITED COUNTRIES:


Monday, 30 May 2011

Thanks Google Earth!

      High and modern technology nowadays are of greatest help to the people living in this wonderful creations made by the One from above. From research for education, to social networking for modern social acquaintances and even keeping memories and having a glimpse for the past, name it, technology of this century has it all.

     But one thing that I really like most, as one of my favorite on the evolution of this Internet technology is the creation of Google Earth.  Ask me why? It is because I am one of  those unfortunate people who is unable to go around the world because of  lack of  financial resources, but still has the chance to go on  tour around the world without spending even a penny from my pocket and can even go back anytime I want because of this Google Earth.

     Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and geographical information program that was originally called EarthViewer 3D, and was created by Keyhole, Inc, a company acquired by Google in 2004. It maps the Earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe.Google Earth displays satellite images of varying resolution of the Earth's surface, allowing users to see things like cities and houses looking perpendicularly down or at an oblique angle. The degree of resolution available is based somewhat on the points of interest and popularity, but most land (except for some islands) is covered in at least 15 meters of resolution.

       As a dreamer as I was, I really wanted to go to some countries which I found interesting to visit, perhaps: 1. I am really interested to go to that country or, 2. the place has really interesting places to visit. I have never been out of my country (Philippines), though I already have my passport, still for me it's useless because I can not use it (beacuse of money) to go abroad and have a wonderful vacation anywhere. But I'm still not sad, actually while I was infront of my computer, reading interesting topics of any sort and of anything on wikipedia (I'm just a wide-reader), I caught my own attention on reading places like: Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Kiribati, Hongkong, New Zealand, USA and of course the Philippines. I was amazed of its story and history , and most definitely I was more amazed of the pictures of different places for each countries which was posted on its page. 

       As amazed as I was of it, I immediately pulled-up my Google Earth on my desktop, then I started to go around those places, everything that I read and saw on wikipedia, I immediately visit it through Google Earth. I was really happy, I can't even explain to myself how happy I was when I saw those places even on a software application like this alone. I don't know, but as far as the happiness that I experienced, the only word that I want to say is Thanks Google Earth!