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Friday, 18 February 2011


     February 19, 2011 was a day that was so displeasing towards the management and organization of ZAMCELCO, because of its intermittent power supply. ZAMCELCO (Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative) who generates power supply to the entire city of Zamboanga was established on February 23, 1974. This cooperative is actually facing a lot of controversies regarding its management.

     I was actually infront of my computer, ready to compose new article for my blogsite while seriously looking and visiting my favorite websites and doing some PTC (Paid To Click) job on the net, when suddenly the power outage came. Hence, everything that I was working on my computer were put in vain. So, I stopped and waited for the power to come back. After an hour of waiting, I was so glad that the power is back, immediately I opened my computer and went back to my work, as I was about to log-in to my account at, second power interruption disrupted my work. There's nothing I can do but to stop again and wait in vain. After long hours of waiting, the power turned on again, as I was enthusiastic to finish my work, I went infront of my computer and had it turned on eagerly and excited, but as I was about to open the browser, another power interruption put my patience to an end.

    It was very displeasing that the power supply in Zamboanga which is manage by ZAMCELCO is intermittently providing good service to the publlic, considering that technology are fast innovating from good to best, yet their equipments are still not upgraded.

    To the management of ZAMCELCO, there is 1 question for you: When are you going to change your management? and there is 1 favor for you: Please upgrade your system and not your lifestyle.

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