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What is CRITICS? It was derived from the word "CRITICISM" which means the art of Judging merit, a spoken written judgment concerning some matter resting on opinions. How does CRITICS101 works? I have made CRITICS101 on this blogger site to come up some interesting topics to write about. All of the reactions or comments that can be read on this blog are merely based on my own opinion or on my personal note. CRITICS101 will feature stories, articles, opinions and reviews from anything to everything and to everybody. This will be a BLOG_MAGAZINE article on the net that will showcase people, places, faces, events and current issues that is worth reading for. Readers and visitors of this blog can be a contributor. They can send their writeups of any sorts as long as their article for their critics will not in anyway violates any law. You can send your article to

Monday, 11 July 2011

Power Tripping (Part 1)

        You know what guys, I really hate those people who are fond of "power tripping" to other people, merely because the victim of this unintelligent action from the cloddish mind of the loggerheaded bullies are just new to the company. But hey this victim could definitely in no doubt but can outsmart these nitwitted, lumpen jerky blockheaded trippers. On the other note, I was just thinking they might be doing this to this poor yet very exceptional victim maybe because they are completely insecure to this "power tripping victim". It only shows on their atrocious faces, horrible sense of fashions (the way they carry their  uniform or clothes) and pitiable physical appearances. You may better go and be infront of your mirror and try to check once again of  your nauseous bull-headed minds and nauseating reflections

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