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Monday, 25 April 2011

Flaws on Captain Barbell TV Series

     This is the new tv series of GMA 7, aired nightly from Mondays- Fridays after the news program "24 Oras". It is starred by Richard Guttierez for the second time on the same network, and originally played by Edu Manzano and followed by a remake in a movie with Bong Revilla.

     I actually watch the evening tv program of each network, but this evening it just happened that my attention was caught by this fantaserye "Captain Barbell", not because I was excited to follow and watch this tv series and definitely not because of the story at all, for the main reason which I think it is no longer exciting on my part to watch this. However, as I was watching this fantaserye, I was able to observed a lot of flaws that have made the show so boring and not realistic at all. What I was talking about is the episode wherein Captain Barbell is in a fight scene against his enemies. I can't name who were the characters because I am not into it when I was watching but I was more into looking some flaws of this fantaserye for it is really obvious.

    During the fight scene between Captain Barbell and his enemy at the location of a certain Rural Bank in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Captain Barbell actually throw his enemy to the roof of the bank and apparently it shows that there was a blast after the immersing attack of Captain Barbell just to show the viewers that how strong this superhero is. As the scene is going on, the camera again was focused on the same building but this time there are no indications of the immersing blast. Did Captain Barbell do some renovation while fighting?Hmm I doubt.

   Another observation is that, as the fight were so intense between this superhero and his enemies, you could obviously see that the people around them and even the place itself is not in anyway frightened as if there is at peace in the area, the people are apathetic, and it seems the surroundings has no care at all. You couldn't even see the emotion of a panic mode in the location. The news reporter even went to the site of intense fight scene, and trying to report with panic-perky feeling, but the odd thing here is that at the background of this reporter, people seems to be ok on a busy street.

      The fight scene itself seems to be lame, luck of energy, lack of variety of physical contact, always using their not so convincing power. I just hope that the overall in-charge of this show would double check the editing so that it will look realistic so that viewers would have an additional urge and excitement to watch this.

      To check what my observation is all about, you can actually watch the episode again of "Captain Barbell" by clicking the following link or at

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