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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Willie is Back this time with "Wil Time Big Time"

    For more than a month since Willie Revillame got off-air on his previous show Willing-Willie, finally the controversial host is back this time on a new program Wil Time Big Time. The new program has set a new face of Philippine variety show because it has the most high technology stage set-up as first seen not just in his own country but first in Asian Television.

    Event though Willie has not been seen on TV for a month, it was still a long time for all of his fans, considering that he is really the "hope" of the unfortunate people living in the Philippines. Willie has changed the viewing habits of most Filipinos specially on evening tv programs but, when he decided to go off-air because of the unfair points-of-view of some, especially his detractors, personally I felt that the evening TV program of most of the channels became boring. That was the time that I truly felt the saying "when boredom strikes". I kept waiting for the come back of his show because I really missed all of the games that was being played on his previous show like: 1-2-3 GO, FAMILY APIR, and THE WILTIME BIGTIME.
   This time Willie is back, together with his co-host Shalani, Sugar, Baby Bisaya and Aimee, and all the staff of his previous show. With his comeback, it was also the comeback of what we called "hopes" of the unfortunate, that they believe he is the only one true Philanthropist, the modern good Samaritan, the Oprah of the Philippines, and the new Pres. Magsaysay of many Filipinos.

    He was involved in a lot of controversies since "Wowowee" days, but he is still there ready to stand because many believes in him that he has a great heart for all masses that needs help. Willie is indeed love by many, he is not just been understood by some but definitely he is love by everyone.

    Congratulations to Willie and to his staff and to his new show "Wil Time Big Time".

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