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Sunday, 20 February 2011

What A Boring Day!

    I remember one time that I have a friend who loves to send text messages and one of which that I can recall was a message that tells, "when boredom strikes..". I feel so boring this Sunday and for the past few days. I am not doing anything, there is nothing that I can think to make myself mobile and busy. I woke-up this morning with no energy, my mind is not working, my body feels like saggy and everything in me is totally blank.

   All day I was just inside the house, lying on my bed, check the internet with no interest at all just for the sake of having something to read, but it is not making me to stay long, as soon as I opened my facebook and checked who were online, I just immediately log-out and went back to the couch.

   I want to think a lot especially happy moments but my mind won't cooperate. I am really bored. Very bored. What a boring day indeed. :(

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