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Saturday, 7 May 2011

My Own Predictions on American Idol Season 10

   American Idol season 10 is now nearing its final threat for the remaining 4 strongest contenders on knowing who will be the bet of America. As last week Jacob's goodbye (which I predicted based on his performance), AI has finally revealed the strongest of all toughest AI contestant. 

    I have been watching this season of AI since its kick-off, from the audition to Hollywood elimination and finally to live performances. Ever since the live performances begun, I have been applauding the performances of James Durbin, Scotty Mccreery, Lauren Alaina, and Haley Reinhart which turnout to be the remaining four contenders to the finale. Aside from them, though I am frustrated because of their early goodbyes from the contest, I like the vocal performances of Stefano Langone, Thia Megia, Pia Toscano, Paul McDonald, and Casey Abrams. Naima Adedapo, Karen Rodriguez and Ashton Jones were doing good indeed but not that great. 

   It is hard to really say who would make it this year's AI winner because the remaining contestants are all good singers, in fact all of them are totally great singers. I believe that this season has chosen the best contestants ever in the entire seasons of AI. As early as now, I really could say that the AI judges has done a wonderful job of choosing the best of the bests. 

Haley Reinhart

James Durbin

Scotty Mccreery

Lauren Alaina
   From the four contestants who were left to compete and making their way to the finale, I am voting for James Durbin  which I predict he could win this season. He hasn't been in the bottom three, he's been greatly performing week after week. Scotty could also be the winner, I can say that he has the votes of young ladies and young girls because of his look and appeal, no doubt he has a great voice which is very unique from the three. His soothing voice can be a close match to James in terms of votes. Lauren Alaina has not been in the bottom three until last week which made her in the bottom two. The reason why she was in the bottom two its because of her performance last week, she has the instance of pulling-back high notes which viewers noticed it from her. But, undoubtedly she has a great voice, all she needs to do is to surprise everyone and sing and hitting that high notes without pulling-back, in this way she might be winning the show. Haley from the start has been in the bottom three but then she get to improve and getting stronger week after week which made her to stay with the other three contestants. I love her performances last week, especially her singing of "Rising Sun", she really indeed nailed it. Last week performances I have my own ranking, she actually rank second from James.She might be a big threat and a big surprise to win the show.

   Now that AI has the final four, I am getting more excited who will really take the title of American Idol winner. They are all damn good and great singers. Let's cross our fingers until the finale.

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