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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Some good people I know part 4

    This is my pakner Linda Rose Solis. We called each other "pakner"  from the word "partner" because from the time that we've been classmates during collge, we were always together in terms of group projects, reports and until practicum days, inseparable huh! She is currently the secretary of the college dean at the school where she graduated.

   She was a good cheerleader during our college days. I believe cheer leading is one of her talent and interest because even in the saying she believes that ""Save the cheerleader, save the world" (catching phrase of Hereos) hehehe". Linda Rose is very beautiful and has a good heart. In person she looks like Kristine Hermosa. Like me, she also love food tripping and cooking. No doubt, we are really good friends.

   She is popularly known by our classmates because of her sanguine personality. At first she can be misjudged as suplada but she is very mahinhin. She really has agreat sense of humor, very appealing, emotional sometimes (easy to cry, easy to be inlove), and very demonstrative. She laughs at almost anything even to the corniest jokes. Linda, Psyche and Grazieloves are the names associated to her.

   One good trivia about Linda is that during our graduation ceremony, she was the only student who received a Loyalty Cup Award because she was with the school since Kinder 1 to 4th year college, a record breaking huh!

   Linda describe herself as: footloose & fancy free. Inclined to go to d extreme in all tings, and with a nice hips, nice skin,tight lips.

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